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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
The Prisoner
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The Prisoner

Lauren Dickinson Clarke

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Natural Wax scented candle in a re-usable Fine Bone China container, gilded with 22 Carat gold. / Old beaten books fill prison library shelves, entwining notes of antique pages and aged leather binding. Hints of amber & saffron rest upon a base of dry cedar, resins, musks & incense to complete the story of justice, discovery & contemplation.
How it works
All of their fragrance oils have been added at the highest possible dose to ensure an enhanced scent throw & elevated fragrance experience. Burn time 35 hours.
Certificates & Authenticity
Why we love it

Inspired by Gloria Killian
The Prisoner is their call for freedom and a reminder to celebrate the unchained lives that we will soon (hopefully!) have back. This resilient woman, Gloria Killian, was cruelly framed for murder, robbery & conspiracy and served almost 20 years in Prison after being sentenced to 32 years to life.

The illustrations
A real muse lies behind every illustration which adorns our candles; an elusive and inspirational woman who has inspired & motivated the creative process.

The hat
Trimmings of leatherette, cotton & plated brass.
Every LDC candle comes accessorised with a stylish hat, carefully handmade in their delightful Notting Hill studio.

The fine bone china
The candle jars and hats are handmade in England from the finest materials. The china is shaped by some of the most talented artisans in England, many of whom have been shaping china for over 50 years. The fine bone china clay is sustainably sourced and our candles are delicately finished with a hand-painted 22 Carat gold rim.

The measure
9cm high (without hat trimmings) x 7.3cm diameter.

Key ingredients

Top Notes

Amber, Saffron.

Heart Notes

Cedar, Resins.

Base Notes

Musks, Incense.

Dusky, Musky & infused with Justice
Made hand-in-hand with master perfumers.
Full ingredient list

100% Natural wax

Derived from the oil of the yellow rape plant.

Produced by queen honey bees. Farmed Fairly.

A sprinkling of secret natural ingredients. Contains a secret blend of natural waxes, combined with the finest fragrances & essential oils
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How to use

To keep your candles smelling sublime (and to prevent 'smoking') we ask that you trim the wick to 4mm before each lighting. We also recommend that you allow your candle to burn for a continuous 3-4 hours when lighting for the first time.

The candles have been designed to double as a whimsical decorative object as well as an evocative fragrance enhancer. If you would like to re-use your candle container (after full-burn usage) please follow these simple steps:

Remove the candle hat and place to one side.
Place the candle container under a tap and turn the tap on warm to hot.
Wait some moments for the water to melt the wax and turn off the tap.
Carefully pour the hot water out of the container along with any melted wax.
Repeat the three stages above until all of the wax is removed.
You may also wish to use a spoon or other tool to gently prise any remaining wax out of the conatiner.

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Lauren Dickinson Clarke

Created by the designer, artist and dreamer, Lauren Dickinson Clarke; the alluring ‘Artware’ collection comprises of four imaginative visualizations which humorously bring to life everyday objects with surreal and dreamlike scenarios. Each piece within the assorted collection embraces a whimsical illustration and artistic reverie, each one lending itself to varied tabletop combinations.

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